An Easy Beginners Guide To SEO

An easy beginner’s guide to SEO helps you to do SEO very easily. So, today’s CSS discussion with an easy beginner’s guide to SEO. If you know the basics of SEO discussed here and can use them then we think you can start making money online. 

What Is SEO?

 if you have an online business or you have a website, you need to introduce it to various search engines through SEO. So if someone searches the search engine for the service you are providing online, they will find your service or website.

Why Do SEO?

Suppose, you have an online-based website or an online service, and thousands more like you are going through the same service. Customers need to do their SEO to find your service or your website. Because if online customers don’t find your service or your website, you can’t expect any benefit from it.

Types of SEO

There are two types of SEO. 

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO? How to do it?

White hat SEO is a method that will make your website look good to search engines. And any search engine will understand that this website or service is valid. In short, SEO in the right way is called White Hat SEO.

If we bring our website to the first page of the search engine through White Hat SEO then it will stay here for a long time. And for a long time, we will be able to serve our customers and provide information to our visitors through this method. It is a long-term process, time-consuming and hard work to rank a website through White Hat SEO. 

What Is Black Hat SEO? How to do it?

Black Hat SEO is a method that is prohibited. That is to bring the website to the first page of search engines by using dishonest ways. And with this method, it is possible to bring a website to the forefront of search engines. But using this method to rank a website in search engines does not last long.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Some bloggers rank a website on a topic for a day, two days, or a week. And when their work is done, he removes the website forever.

An Easy Beginners Guide To SEO

Now let’s now the easy beginners guide-

  • Crawling

Crawling is a technique by which web search tools track down refreshed content on the web, like new locales or pages, changes to old websites, and dead connections. To do this, the search engine uses a program called “crawler”, “bot” or “spider” (each search engine has its type), which follows an algorithm to determine how many times a site needs to be crawled.  Whenever a search engine crawler walks through your site it identifies and records any links to those pages, adding them to a list that will be crawled later. This is how new content is discovered.

  • Indexing

When a web search tool processes its crept pages, it figures out a gigantic record of the relative multitude of words seen there and their situation on each page. It is a data set of billions of pages. This gathered substance is then put away with the data, arranged, and deciphered via web index calculations to gauge its significance by contrasting it and different pages of a similar style. Microsoft and Google have in excess of a million servers.

  • Ranking

After entering a keyword into the search box, search engines will search for pages from the index that most closely match them; A score will be given on these pages based on an algorithm made up of thousands of different ranking signals. These pages will be displayed to users based on their scores. So in order for your website to rank well in search results, it is important to make sure that search engines can properly purchase and index your site. Otherwise, they will not be able to properly rank your website content in search results.

  • CTR (Click Through Rate) 

CTR is the number of times your page appears in Google results and the percentage of clicks. This issue is calculated by CTR. CTR can track the percentage of clicks or visitors to a website.

  • LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) 

LSI is easy to understand and related to keywords. In other words, the keyword that you have written the article targeting, as well as the article or the keywords that support it, is LSI. It is very important in the search engine optimization section.

Because each user searches for a keyword individually.  When searching for a topic, each user searches by typing queries differently. LSI  must be used when writing an article. By doing this, more visitors will come to your CTR i.e. website. For example:

Main Keyword: Canada job

LSI: Canada Posting a job, Job bank, Finding a job, etc. 

  • LTK (Long Tail Keyword) 

A Long Tail Keyword is a keyword consisting of five or more words. Large keywords are counted as long-tail keywords or LTK. Long-tail keywords play a leading role in banking as compared to normal keywords. This means that when an article is written on a topic using long-tail keywords and if a user searches using that keyword then your website is more likely to be hacked. 

However, the search volume of LTK is very low. When users search Google with LSI, the chances of hacking long-tail keywords increase a lot. Again, many visitors search Google using LTK to find the information they want. In that case, also the chances of getting visitors are high. For example, 

Main Keyword: Canada job

LTK: Jobs in Canada for foreigners, Work in Canada, Urgent! Jobs in Canada for foreign jobs, Remote jobs for foreigners, etc. 

Wrapping Up

Now, these are the beginner steps of SEO, but if you want to learn how SEO can be performed, you can contact CSS. One of the best SEO service providers in Canada,

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