3 Important Points In Keyword Research

One of the essential tasks of SEO is keyword research. Keyword research is called the lifeblood of SEO. Because when you start working on SEO, you need to start targeting specific keywords. 

If you choose the wrong keywords then your entire SEO work can fail. So you have to do proper keyword research and work on a good keyword. 

Keyword research can be done using various tools for keyword research. However, today in the Canadian SEO Services blog, we are going to cover 3 important keyword points in keyword research tips! 

3 Important Points In Keyword Research

Now let’s see what are the essential points on that- 

  • Goal Setting

The first condition of keyword research is to set the right target. Why do you want to do keyword research, what do you want to get from the keywords, etc? 

One of the biggest misconceptions about keyword research is how to get more traffic. Bringing more traffic should not be your goal. Because the traffic comes but does not increase the sales then this traffic has no value. Again, the keywords that have high traffic have high competition. 

The goal of keyword research can be of 5 categories:

  • Can be easily ranked.
  • Sales
  • Understanding the different aspects of the sales funnel.
  •  Ad Clicks and Ad Impressions.
  •  Informing customers about the site, services, or products.

Once you set the right target, you can easily understand what kind of keywords are needed and create content and marketing strategies based on that. You can select different keywords for this and it will work directly to increase sales. The first 2 categories are related to direct selling. The next 2 are related to consumers. To determine the keywords according to your target understanding.

  • Money Phrase

In keyword research, we must use different types of words or phrases. Some of them include keywords called money phrases. That is, such as: “cheap widgets”, “10% discount”, “where to buy widgets” etc.

Selecting money phrase keywords or using money phrase keywords is important as they increase sales. Money phrase keywords should be used not only for sales but also for AdSense websites. 

Because if visitors come to money phrase and click on add, then you can earn a good income in Adsense. Keywords with money phrases have higher CPC. The biggest problem with money phrases is that they are very competitive and difficult to rank for. 

The top 5 categories of money phrase keywords are as follows:

      • Words or phrases comparable to competitors.
      • Discount phrase
      • Product review and rating phrases.
      • Coupon code search.
      • Search for sale.
  • Importance of Non-Money Phrase Keywords

Although money phrases will directly help increase your sales, we often fail to use money phrases. Because its competition is very high. In that case, we have to work with non-money phrases. By working with non-money phrases you can easily rank and make the website known to people and the popularity of the website will increase.

The result of which will be increased sales. Being able to rank with non-money phrases will help you rank for money phrases. There are different ways to use non-money phrases as keywords or keywords. 

For example: In the case of long-tail keywords, the website can be easily ranked using non-money phrases. This will play an important role in your money phrase keyword ranking. It is relatively easy to rank using different synonyms too. Which includes non-money phrases.

Finally, the above are 3 important points in keyword research. But in case, if you’re looking for a keyword analyzer that will work for you contact Candian SEO Services!

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