What are Keywords and why are they important?


There has been much ado about keywords. But what are they? Do you need them? If so, how much? First, I’ll explain what they are.

People use keywords in search engines when they are trying to find information on the Internet. Let’s say a user types SEO techniques into a search engine. The search engine will find sites with those words that pertain to the keyword. That’s the information the user is looking for.

For business sites, users would want to find products and services that are similar to their keywords. If they found these sites, they are more likely to buy from the site and click on the links that are off to the right.

So you want to rank high in the search engines when someone is trying to find relevant products and services for their keyword. You want your website to be the first thing that they see. If this is the case, you better make sure that you have the appropriate words.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a search term that people use to find the information they want. It is like a question; it is what the user is typing into the search engine. So for example, if you had a site that sold puzzle puzzles, you would want your site to be the answer to all of those people who are typing in “puzzle puzzles.”




Why should you use keywords?

The reason why you should use keywords is simple. Search engines use those words to rank your site. Their method is to find the keywords that people are using and then give credence to those keywords. So if you had a site selling puzzle algorithms, you would want your site to rank high when people typed in “puzzle algorithms.” Now you can see why it is so important to use keywords.

But there is a thing that not all keywords are created equal. You might want to include a geographic term in your search keywords. For example, if your business was located in Regina, Canada, it would be a good idea to include Regina in your keywords.

What is saturation?

The definition of keyword saturation is how many times a keyword is used on a page. The more times it appears on the page, the more it is saturated. Keyword saturation is an important concept to understand for those who are acronyms or using abbreviations. For example, XML is an acronym for the abbreviation used for “Java Virtual Machine.” So you need to understand the acronyms that are being used so that you can make your website stand out.




Keeping it simple

Now that you have understood the keywords that are important for your SEO, you can combine that with the number of times those words are used on your web page. At least 4 percent is a pretty safe number. Using keywords that are frequented will probably work better than trying to overload it. You can read over the content of your page and make sure that it is simple and straightforward. You should have as few keywords as possible.

If you have SEO experience and are pretty comfortable with the programming tools that you use, you can achieve a pretty high ranking with just the keywords that you use on your website. Remember that search engines are pretty smart, so you don’t want to make them guess the keywords. You want to let them know what your page is about. A few words used in the right places will be letting search engines know what your site is about.

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