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How Do We Make Sure That You Rank Well on Google

So how can we improve our ranking? We need to proven to the search engines (specifically Google) that our site is credible and important. This concept is calledSearch Engine Optimization (SEO). If done correctly, you can propel your website up the charts of the search engine results. You definitely don’t want all these lots of results that are free for the taking. You want to find webpages that match your criteria and advertised prices. When you find these, the amount of link popularity that you can achieve allows you to tweak the content of your website and start to rank for the more competitive phrases.


There are a few crucial areas that you need to focus on to get rankings.

In this article We will just focus on Google because it is still the main source of traffic. Here are the important elements that you need to utilize to rank well on Google. If you can follow these steps, you should be able to sustain a ranking on Google.

1. Make sure that your website pages have a title tag with the keywords in the title. It is crucial that your title tag is relevant to the topic of the page.

2. Add your keywords in the meta-description. Even though this doesn’t have a huge impact on your rankings, this text is often displayed in the search results just below the title.

3. Make sure that your H1 tag (or, heading) tag has the keywords. (My SEO copywriting website has an H1 tag that startingls high in the search results and occasionally is the first result.)

4. Create a lot of link popularity. This is the topic of a separate article, but the single most important factor that will increase your rankings is link popularity. That is, getting other websites to link to your site.

5. Make your website “crawler-friendly.” You want to make sure that your webpages can be easily crawled by the search engines. This means having valid HTML, the right keywords in the title and the body text, and making sure that you have set up navigation properly on your site.

6. Make sure that you have puts the keyword phrase in the URL. When the search engines crawl your site, they will crawl your URL and help to validate that it’s keyword-rich.

7. Place the keywords in the image ALT tag. The search engines will see that the image is relevant to the search terms and rank you higher because you display information on your website that is related to the search terms.

8. Create external links to authoritative websites that are relevant to your own. When you link to another website, search engines want to see that you are getting traffic, which means that the external website must be of good quality. The way to make that happen is to research several relevant high-ranking websites and get in touch with them. We’ll offer them 2 free newsletters, link to their website and build a newsletter, then offer to write guest posts about their website on your website. And voila: When you get the offer for the 2 free newsletters, you simply drop them off at a few article directories that they didn’t submit to.

9. Make sure that you are building content-rich articles. The search engines will reward you for your article-cramming efforts because you are providing information-rich content on multiple topics. Building such articles is a great way to keep search engine spiders crawling your site, so you get suggested backlinks.

10. Use your keywords in your website address. When search engines find your website address, they will list it in the search results. So it is crucial that you make your keyword phrase into your website address.

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