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Google Ranking & SEO

Writing Quality Listings For SEO and Google ranking algorithm is always being updated (which makes the job of online marketers harder), but generally speaking, the search engine giant has been fairly hands-off about changes in the way that it ranks websites. This is because too many website owners were stuffing keywords into their content in order to rank highly in the SERPs, thinking that would be enough. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough, and the emphasis now must be on quality content – not just more keywords.

Google Ranking and Keywords

Because too many people focus on stuffing keywords into their content in hopes that they’ll score a high ranking under a keyword-heavy search term, they often sacrifice quality. This is what happened with the recently launched Google Hummingbird update. Websites that were once among the best ranked in the SERPs were now ranked in the top 15-30 listings simply because they were stuffing too many keywords. The change came out of the blue, and since then many marketing experts have expressed their concerns that choosing to focus on keywords alone rather than providing top-notch content has caused their rankings to plummet.

But if you’re still stuck in the past and still relying on keywords for your rankings, you might want to consider putting an end to it. To properly optimize a new website or page, you don’t need to look back at your older pages.


Google Ranking


Start by Doing Your Research

More than likely, your previous web pages have been collecting data that has been contributing to your website’s Google ranking. If this is true, then you might want to re-think how you’re using keywords on these pages. You might be using keywords that aren’t really necessary, or that are driving traffic to a page for no real reason. If this is the case, you might want to consider tackling the problem by creating new web pages that are designed with usability in mind. Rather than creating more pages focused on keywords, you should be trying to make more valuable pages by implementing a good design.

Create A Landing Page

One of the most common problems that business owners run into when it comes to online marketing is not having a defined plan for their landing pages. You might have a homepage that does a good job of explaining your company, your products, and your services. But do you have a defined way of getting visitors to the info page?

A landing page should be defined by the title of the page, the link text that links to the page, and the design elements that are used. If you have a hard time defining your landing page, consider defining your website or blog by the following three characteristics:

Visitors always have a reason for taking notice of your website or blog. It should be defined by the content of your website, the links that are available, and the information that is visible.


Google Ranking


The Search Engine Results Position (SERP)

Google displays search results on its SERPs within a box usually within the top 5 or 10 listings. This is where you will get your target visitors to visit your site and convert. To get the most benefit from Google’s SERP, it is important to use effective SEO techniques that will elevate your listings within the search engine. Having a website that is not highly ranked within the SERP will lead to limited traffic. Therefore, it is important to have well-optimized web pages, not only for Google analytics but also for search engines.

Your Website Is Not cluttered

Visitors will enjoy their experience browsing your website if it is clean and organized. If you haven’t changed anything since last year, buy some new white space. It’s the first impression a visitor will have of your organization and if you don’t look showed up in the SERPs, it might as well be a Gone Feed.

You Look Like You Matter To Google Ranking

Having a website looks professional when you uniform your entire site as everyone else does. Visitors will know right away if your site is legitimate and you won’t look shabby. However, you need to manage visually and you need to make sure you utilize colours that make your site stand out. utilize colours that complement your services and products, not certain colours like bright colours that portion of your company is unappealing to everyone.


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You Don’t Just Answer Questions

You brand yourself with your customer’s name when you provide answers to their questions. You need to manage the “About Us” section of your site and Robust landing page to make sure that each page has the best approach to answer the visitor’s question. Many visitors will navigate their way through your entire site using this method so be sure that you make it simple for users to get where they’re going.

You Are Familiar And Helping

Two of the most important factors affecting your conversion rate are how familiar you are to visitors and how helpful your site is. Visitors should feel comfortable with your site, your landing page, and the information that is readily available.

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