Can I do SEO on My Own?

Can I do SEO on My Own?

“Can I do SEO on my own?”. This question every time pops up on your mind. Whenever it pops, you straight go to your search engine to know “how can do it my own”. Right! 

To know that, you roam on hundreds of websites. But didn’t get an accurate answer. Well, if you have your website and want to do SEO by yourself, we can do it. 

So, without further ado, today, CSS will tell you how to do search engine optimization or SEO by yourself? Or you can say -how can I do SEO on my own? 

Just to remind you, first thing first!


What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process by which the pages of your website are ranked first in other search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing by searching based on a specific keyword. But nowadays most online marketers are targeting Google search engine for some remarkable algorithms of Google search results. 

Because at present Google is the most searched. In other words, search engine optimization or SEO is a technical strategy to bring your website to the first page of the search engine through search engine optimization.

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 How Can I do SEO on my own?

Well from here we are addressing ourselves “I” for your better understanding. Now I’m going to show 10  to-do lists of which exactly I do  SEO for my website. Here are how I do it-

  • Start With Relevant Agenda/Persona

The most challenging is to find your website’s agenda or persona. To maintain the SEO of my website, I create a visitor persona to improve my website optimization. You can follow this strategy.

  • Plan My Keyword Research

For better SEO, I focus on better keywords that are mostly searched by numerous visitors. For that, I use SEO Keyword Tools. However, for your website SEO, you need to know the usage of keywords and related strategies that help you do SEO by yourself. 

  • Maintenance of Long-Tail & Short-Tail Keywords.
    This is the part I care about most. Because the right knowledge of long & short tail keywords helps me to do SEO by myself. Here, I suggest you use specific long-tail keywords are the key factor that remains your SEO healthy. 

  • Study My Competitors

Remember, always stay updated on competitors. I think the position & situation of my competitors help me to shape my SEO initiatives. So just like me, you always stay smart against your competitors. Most importantly, competitors are not our enemies rather our aspirations. 

  • Strictly Avoid Copied Content

A content replica is strictly prohibited. Copying cont for your website demonizes your SEO alignments. You know, what I do?  I create and design lucrative content with lucrative images, words, or videos, and maintain block consistency. 


For block consistency, I prefer meta description and it should be to-the-point, but informative. A meta description is a very important and resourceful way of search engine optimization. This is an effective way to boost my web traffic, increase “share” and brand quality & equity online.

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  • Use Internal Links

To power up my SEO, I use internal links. It is another effective way to increase SEO ranking.  An internal link helps the website’s readability, especially for the blog content.

  • Develop Inbound & Outbound Links

Inbound links are also known as “Backlines” which are the links from other websites to yours. And outbound links are links from your website to someone else website. Both methods add value to your SEO. 

  • Always Prefer for SEO Friendly URLs

Building SEO-friendly URLs are the best way to optimize your website on research engine results pages (SERPs), Using this technique makes the high chances of developing your website’s visibility, extracting and attracting more visitors, etc.


Remember, for creating this type of URL, you need to include prime, secondary, or relevant keywords so that it automatically comes up on the top list in search engines. 

  • Use SEO Keyword Tools

Several SEO Tools are available online. You can find both free and paid SEO Tools. You can choose and start to use whatever you prefer. 

  • Always Stay Connected With Visitors

 I always produce engagement content elements that keep my users, visitors or customers involved & entertain as well. For that, I use user experience tools to observe and measure my web traffic. When you insert some specific and unique features on your website, these help you get more visitors to your brand. 

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CSS SEO Suggestion

Now we assure you that you can say to yourself.” YES, I can do SEO on MY Own”. If you need to know more about SEO-related information kindly contact us in case you find difficulties while doing SEO. 

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